Full body treatment with peat

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FULL BODY TREATMENT – ”ÄHTÄRI BAPTISM” The full treatment is suitable for rheumatic pain, treatment of sports injuries, and abrasions. Peat significantly boosts your metabolism, and the bioactive substances in peat condition the skin. In the massage we use the so called “Aaltonen technique”. The back is massaged and any vertebra locks are opened. Thanks to the peat the body is relaxed and the massage feels comfortable. Duration 1.5h.

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LehtoPeat Ltd. has a long tradition in the further processing of Finnish peat. The company’s founder, Heikki Ruha, has worked as an entrepreneur in the peat industry for over 30 years. In the beginning of its operation, LehtoPeat lifted and produced fuel peat only. An excellent quality layer of treatment peat was found in the company-owned peatland named Lehtosuo, which inspired the company to try the production of treatment peat. Today, production is almost exclusively for the raising of treatment peat and its further processing into finished products. LehtoPeat Ltd. has played a pioneering role in the field. The brand “Treatment Peat of Lehtosuo – LehtoPeat®” was registered in early 2002. The peat scientist and geologist Riitta Korhonen of the geological research centre has been a great help in the organization of the production of treatment peat. Treatment peat deposits were analysed and the results were promising. The peat layer found in Lehtosuo is very old and its composition is ideal for treatment peat.

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