Snow work, pancakes and soot pot coffee

Traditional snow work on a snowdrift

Laponie, Finlande (Enontekiö)
Disponible en finnois et anglais
1 heure 30 minutes
8 places par expérience
décembre - avril
Prix normal: 32 €
Enfants: 17 €

Au programme

Have you dreamed of being able to do snow work, push snow with a cola and do big cinemas? We have it possible.
It is not possible to do snow work every winter, but it is almost daily in Hetta. Here the snow is clean and there is a lot of it. If there is no new snow just today, we can build a snow pit, a snow castle or even ice lanterns and enjoy the joys of the snow. Children and the child’s mind can slide with a slider between snow chores.

At the end of the outdoors, we fry pancakes and make soot pot coffee in the hut, warm cocoa is available for children.
Enjoy doing things together, pure snow and winter.

Qui est Mia - le/la Doer

I have own company Roimaelämys, I am nature and tourism industry professional with a strong knowledge and experience.
Me and my family are living part of the year in Lapland and part of year in South West corner of Finland.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

The activity is suitable for adults and children.
Participation does not require previous experience.
Regular warm dress.

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