Second-hand store tour in Hämeenlinna

Visit the best second-hand stores in Hämeenlinna

Disponible en finnois et anglais
2 heures 30 minutes
4 places par expérience

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Second-hand store tour in Hämeenlinna

With this tour you will get to know the best second-hand stores in Hämeenlinna. You will visit 2-3 places with your local guide by car.

Hämeenlinna is one of the most interesting cities in Finland to visit, when you are interested in recycling. In Hämeenlinna you will find second hand stores with historical furniture, Finnish design, old building material, high-class clothes both for children and adults and lots of other interesting things.

During the tour we can have coffee break in a cosy cafeteria in city center or one of the flea markets, if wanted (not include in the price).

Duration: 2-3 h
Period: around the year
Price: 40,00 €/person (min. 2 persons)
Group: 2-4 persons

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