Ice swimming in a lake

Warm sauna and cold winter swimming, best combination ever

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Near Helsinki is a lovely small lake called Kuusijärvi. It's a really lovely place, beautiful nature and lots of outdoor activities to do outdoor. But the best thing, there is 2 different public saunas, smoke sauna and electric saunas. And at wintertime there is an ice-hole in the lake. And that I want You to experience with me!

You can come with friends, family or just you. I'll teach you how to enjoy this lovely warm sauna -cold ice swimming experience in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature. And you will be amazed how amazing you feel!

Information about winter swimming:

Winter swimming is an old natural way of cure and we now use it as a self-treatment to stay healthy. There is no age limit to try and enjoy this sport. You simply need to be in normal physical condition. It is proven that winter swimming has a positive influence on your body, if practiced regularly. It provides you with a better resistance to cold weather, improves your immune system and helps you breathe and sleep better. Swimmers who suffer from rheumatism, fibromyalgia or asthma report that winter swimming relieves pain. Last but not least, it releases all your stress. Some like it so much that it has become a real addiction. They can go to practice it up to 4 to 5 times per week.

Here are a few recommendations to get the most out of this thrilling experience:
- Winter swimming is for anyone in good shape and if you have a doubt, ask your doctor for advice.
- If you go to sauna before swimming, let your body cool down a bit before going in the water.
- Don't put your head under water.
- Get familiar with cold water with care to avoid shock: stay in the water only for a few seconds and then try longer period when you feel comfortable.
- There is no rule how many times to go swimming, just use common sense and know your limits.
- Put on warm clothes after sauna and winter swimming.

Winter swimming is not recommended for:
- Young children
- People having a flu or fever
- Persons with heart related disease or weakness

Winter swimming can be dangerous to people who are not used to swimming in very cold water. After submersion in cold water the cold shock response will occur, causing an uncontrollable gasp for air. This is followed by hyperventilation, a longer period of more rapid breathing. The gasp for air can cause a person to ingest water, which leads to drowning. As blood in the limbs is cooled and returns to the heart, this can cause fibrillation and consequently cardiac arrest. The cold shock response and cardiac arrest are the most common causes of death related to cold water immersion.

Winter swimming isn't dangerous for healthy persons, but should be avoided by individuals with heart or respiratory diseases, obesity, high blood pressure and arrhythmia, as well as children and the elderly. Through conditioning, experienced winter swimmers have a greater resistance to effects of the cold shock response.

Hypothermia poses a smaller risk. According to Tucker and Dugas, it takes more than approximately 30 minutes even in 0 °C water until the body temperature drops low enough for hypothermia to occur. Many people would probably be able to survive for almost an hour. There is no consensus on these figures however; according to different estimates a person can survive for 45 minutes in 0.3 °C water, but exhaustion or unconsciousness is expected to occur within 15 minutes. Consuming alcohol before winter swimming should be avoided because it speeds the onset and progression of hypothermia.

Qui est Sari - le/la Doer

I'm 43 years old down to earth woman, who's passion is to motivate others to pursue their passion in life. I just studied to be a life coach, and my mission is to help others to feel good about themselves and to do what they love in life. And I believe, that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so that's why I would love to take you to win yourself and swim with me in icy water. 2 years ago I said, I would never ever go swimming in icy water. But never say never, because now I just love it! It has become one of my hobbies. And because I know how good it feels to do something, you never would have imagined to do, I want everyone to feel it too!

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Swimming suit, towel, and sandals (or socks because we walk outside after sauna). But you can also rent towels and/or swimming suits for 4 euro/piece from Kuusijärvi.

Price does not include sauna.

Electric sauna ticket price:
Adults 6 €
Children (7-17 years) 4 €

Smoke sauna ticket price:
Adults 12 €
Children (7-17 years) 7 €

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I’ve been ice swimming with Sari a lot. It is very relaxing and fun. Recommendations!
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