Online Nature Walk with Happiness Boost

Be happy in the forest today - find happiness also tomorrow.

Disponible en finnois et anglais
1.5 heures
100 places par expérience

Au programme

🌳 I Welcome you to a Virtual Forest Walk 🌳

❊ Let the nature wash your worries away and clean your spirit. ❊

Do you want to learn to reconnect with nature, connect better with other people and connect more deeply with yourself? Walking mindfully in nature is a proven way to boost levels of health, wellbeing and happiness.

If you could benefit from a little more clarity of thought, more balanced emotions and a lift in spirit, Mielimaisema Walks might be just what you need. (a Finnish term Mielimaisema can be translated to ”Mindscape”, a word Mieli means ”Mind" or ”Favorite” and a word Maisema means ”Scenery") During Mielimaisema Walks you have an opportunity to take a break from busy live, boost health and happiness, improve ability to focus on what really matters and re-connect in a mindful way.

In Mielimaisema Walks I combine elements from Treebreathing®, forest meditation, art, traditional Finnish knowledge of nature, forest bathing (Shinrin-Yoku) and natural mindfulness.

I will also share some simple but powerful exercises to help you develop a deeper connection with the natural world. You will enjoy Finnish nature with all your senses and find out about the healing power of walking mindfully in nature.

Qui est Sanna | Mielimaisema - le/la Doer

I want to help people to find their own authentic nature connection. My guiding style is calm, gentle and respectful.

Finnish Forests are my passion, my hobby and an endless source of inspiration – like nature itself. Mielimaisema Walks started as an idea based on my interests, values, and love for nature. My mission is to help people reconnect with the nature and find their own true nature.

I have grown up in the countryside where nature was present in everyday life. Already as a child I was making art with materials of nature and relaxing in the woods and was fascinated about the mystery of nature.

I have a degree in Master´s of Arts and I am certified Holistic Health Coach. I am committed to study nature methods and to ongoing professional development. Today I work as Wellness Entrepreneur at my company Mielimaisema.

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100 places disponibles

100 places disponibles

100 places disponibles

100 places disponibles

100 places disponibles

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Especially in these days it is important that we connect to nature and to ourselves. We can slow down and find nourishment in the simplicity of being in the moment. We can:

🌳 listen to the sound of the birds,
🌳feel the breeze on the skin,
🌳 listen to the forest and to whatever it has to offer for each of us
🌳and to take time to be with our own hearts.

How it works?

* I will be in nature live on my phone via Zoom and will guide a walk.
* Anyone can join via phone, any age, from any part of the World.
* I will send a Zoom link to join the Forest Walk.
* Find a place in nature near where you are, a place that feels good to you and where you can be for 1,5 hours.
* Essentially, you will have one headphone in your ear, listening to the guiding and the other ear listening to natural soundscape and what is around you.
* Before the walk I will offer clear instructions on how to participate.
* If you don´t have a possibility to find a place in nature you can participate from the comfort of your home and watch a live video via Zoom.

How it works best with the phone?

* Charge your phone before the walk so that you have enough battery for the whole walk.
* Download Zoom app.
* Make sure you have good headphones.
* Turn Down the Brightness. One of the easiest ways to prolong your battery life is to turn down the screen brightness.
* Close Your Apps.
* Reduce Push Notifications for Apps.

What to notice before the walk?

The walk, pace & route will be tailored to be suitable for the participants.

Don’t be put off by the weather. We walk in all weathers and seasons. Rainy days can be just as interesting and insightful as sunny days – as long as you are wearing appropriate clothing.

Footwear: It is advisable to bring walking boots or other sturdy footwear.

Clothing: The temperature and conditions during a walk can change quickly and so appropriate layers of clothing are recommended based on local forecasts.

Water: It is important to remain hydrated during the walk so bring some water.