Mushroom tours

enjoy nature and learn necessary knowhow to forage safely

Juvankatu 26, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
2 heures 30 minutes
15 places par expérience
avril - novembre

Au programme

We offer day tours and courses about mushrooms, wild herbs and ecology.

Come share the joy of learning from nature as you were on nature walk with a friend. We guide you to local nature areas in Tampere and capital region in easily accessible locations, in forests and meadows.

With my service:
- You find, identify and collect free givings of nature with certainty and simultaneously avoid possible risks
- You get a nature expert along to increase knowhow from nature, with a pedagogic twist
- Enjoy togetherness and joy of being with deep nature experiences, with respect to nature.

Qui est Tuomas - le/la Doer

I guide to nature and environment topics during tours, workshops and lectures. I'm an environmental biologist and biology/geography teacher. Wild herbs, mushrooms, ecology, environmental awareness and wondering in nature are my passions.

Nature means adventure, taking care of the world and joy of sharing. My strengths are enthusiasm, gratitude and respect; they work as fuel for my competence.

The whole thing started on 2014, at Nature house Villa Elfvik in Espoo, where I was on an internship, working as a guide. There I experienced something unbelievable; During a fairy tale tour in which I was guiding, we got enchanted by mistake of nature's marvels and the magical creatures in the fairy tale so much that we almost started seeing them! There I realized the power of immersive experience of nature, if you are able to listen and guide gently but firmly.

Relation to nature is like relation to ourselves. There we come from, that we are. Why wouldn't we want to take good care of ourselves and learn to know it. Nature is a tool to that target with its all diversity, whether it's a mushroom tour or a lecture of some environmental topic.

I work as a guide towards the source of interesting things in nature. Nature is the marvel and I am the guide there. So join the adventure, to learn mushroom identification, wild herb foraging, enjoy good company and share your story while wondering in forest.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

- Clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and for walking in a forest and meadow. the terrain has little hills and slopes, trails have lot of roots.
- Water bottle, light snack
- An airy basket or cotton bags for foraging (no plastic bags recommended)
- A curious mindset :)

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