Hidden beauty in Jyväskylä

Have a refreshing break in nature, nearby city centre!

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I want to show you Jyväskylä`s "hidden beauty", Tourujoki nature trail, protected area. What´s funny, it´s very nearby city centre. Can you imagine, beautiful, protected nature and almost in city centre? Yep, in Finland it is possible. :)

So, join me and I´ll tell you some interesting points about nature`s effect on wellbeing and health during our walk. For example, did you know that being in nature promotes your health? And nature can does it both consciously and even unconsciously?

And if you like to, we can do some easy and calming exercises and really feel how nature can have such a huge impact on us!

For more information and video about Tourujoki nature trail:



Pictures Juan Ramirez, Wikimediacommons (license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

Picture Tiia Monto, Wikimediacommons (license Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

Qui est Susanna Homanen - le/la Doer

Nice to meet you, I`m Susanna. I enjoy and love Finnish nature and especially summer season. I want to give you some unforgettable memories by spending some time with me during your visit in Jyväskylä! :) I have specialized my self to guide experiences in nature, you are in good hands.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Please have proper shoes for walking, proper outdoor clothes (check the weather!) and grab a water bottle with you. We walk in short distance, max. 2-3 kilometers.

Les avis

Susanna is very nice person and knows so much about the benefits of finnish nature!
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