Muurinpohja-pancakes (crepes) for big group

Learn to do and eat tasty traditional muurinpohja-pancakes.

Jyväskylä, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
2 heures
15 places par expérience
avril - novembre

Au programme

Finnish muurinpohja-pancakes for everyone!

Lettumestari (Pancakemaster) Le Heny will make the tastiest muurinpohja-pancakes in the country with the years of experience. I will be there with three big frying pans and we will learn together how to make delicious muurinpohja-pancakes. It's possible for you to also just sit back and enjoy the show!

- Three big frying pans
- Lettumestari Le Heny (that's me)
- Up to 30 pancakes in two hours
- Jams, disposable cutlery, everything needed is included in the price
- It's possible to have 15 people to learn doing pancakes

Lettumestari-show is possible to arrange outdoors almost anywhere you want. You can also ask me to arrange a good place. Frying pans are always used outdoors.

Qui est Henry - le/la Doer

Despite my young age I have been doing muurinpohja-pancakes for decades. I just loved to make them in an efficient way. Few years ago I was doing consulting business, and suddenly realised that hey, this is a professional skill also. Not that kind of skill that consults usually have, but nevertheless, it's just for fun.

Big, tasty muurinpohja-pancakes with some serious professional skills and smile. O'boy, that's me, Lettumestari Le Heny!

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Your outdoor clothes will have some tasty fat-smell if you hang out close to the pans

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