Kicksled safari in Karelian wilderness

samedi, mars 07 2020 12:00 · 49€

Disponible en anglais · 3 HOURS GUIDED KICKSLED SAFARI - At the beginning of the ages, the kicksled was a necessary tool to move people and goods in challenging winter conditions. Today it represents the ecological and happy movement with your own muscles. The tour guide will explain you the basics of kicksledding and guide you through interesting wilderness routes in the most beautiful scenery of North Karelia. Price includes: kicksled, anti-skid device, headlamp, necessary safety equipment, guide and liability insurances. After the tour we offer participants a warm snack and a drink by the living fire.

We recommend clothes like windproof clothing, a hat, mittens, ear protection and exercise footwear. Clothes that are comfortable to move around.

Safaris will take place if there are at least four participants with kicksled. Maximum 10 sleds = 20 people (one onboard and the other one is kicking). Larger groups on request, please contact us.