Snowshoe hiking in the wilderness of Karelia

Let the Finnish winter, forests and nature amaze yourself

Kesälahti, Finlande
Disponible en finnois, anglais, suédois et allemand
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The snow covers holes and stones – let snowshoeing begin! A person who knows how to walk will easily learn how to snowshoe and will be able to enjoy the magic of the wintery nature. Elevations, snow conditions and personal speed will offer challenges for each of hiker’s needs and desires. The snowshoeing represents the top of ecologic activity/exercise. The guides will teach you how to snowshoe and will lead you through interesting and beautiful scenery of wilderness of North Karelia. Price includes snowshoes, head lamp, necessary safety equipment and guides with their liability insurances. After the hike we offer participants a warm snack and a drink by the living fire. Hiking trip takes about 2-3 hours.

Snowshoe hikes will take place if there are at least four participants. Maximum group size is 10. Larger groups on request, please contact us.

One person = 49€

Bookings latest two days in advance. Cancellations two days prior to departure (or earlier) refund 90% of the price, cancellations the same day or the previous day, no refund

Qui est Lakeland Karelia - le/la Doer

Amazing nature! Because of nature and strong four seasons, we live here in Eastern Finland. We have snowy winter and so strong ice cover of the lakes that you even can drive there with a car.

There are lots of wide nature and unspoiled forests in Karelia. Finland’s legal concept of everyman’s right gives everyone the chance to enjoy outdoor pursuits, and the freedom of the country’s vast forests and fells, and many lakes and rivers, with few restrictions. Public access to private land is much wider in Finland than in most other countries. Read more:

People in Karelia area are very friendly and welcoming and that’s why we wish you to join our life in Karelia. We believe that our guests respect our idea: Live like locals. Read more:

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20 places disponibles

20 places disponibles

20 places disponibles

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The customer is responsible for his/her own clothing that is comfortable to move around. We recommend warm enough, windproof outwear and pants, a hat, mittens, ear protection and exercise footwear.

Children only with parents or an adult and under their responsibility .
Minimum age 7 years.
Snowshoe hiking requires normal physical condition.

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