MIDSUMMER PARTY by paddlling

Midsummer party by paddling & sauna & midsummer supper

Kesälahti, Finlande
Disponible en finnois, anglais, suédois et allemand
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MIDSOMMER PARTY by paddlling - guided 3-4 hours kayak tour. Explore one of the most beautiful lakes in Kesälahti by kayaking and experience the clean and clear waters of lake Pyhäjärvi and Karelian nature. We will have a short snack break during the tour. If the weather is good, we can paddle to the Russian border zone and clap the border poles. After the tour we will have original finnish sauna and swimming in the lake (meas sauna-lake-sauna-lake-sauna-lake and so on...). After sauna we serve you by the living fire Finnish midsummer delicacies like fresh salads, new potatoes, fishes. The tour is suitable for both beginners and advanced paddlers. At the beginning of the excursion, the basics of canoeing and safety issues are discussed. Departure at 16.00 from Sarvisalos Kayaking Center and return at approximately 19:30. Sauna and meal between 19:30 and 22:00. Group size 2-8 people. Price includes equipment, guiding, snack, water, sauna and evening meal. Minimum age 15 years and children under 18 years only with and under the responsibility of an adult.

Qui est Lakeland Karelia - le/la Doer

Amazing nature! Because of nature and strong four seasons, we live here in Eastern Finland. We have snowy winter and so strong ice cover of the lakes that you even can drive there with a car.

There are lots of wide nature and unspoiled forests in Karelia. Finland’s legal concept of everyman’s right gives everyone the chance to enjoy outdoor pursuits, and the freedom of the country’s vast forests and fells, and many lakes and rivers, with few restrictions. Public access to private land is much wider in Finland than in most other countries. Read more: https://www.ymparisto.fi/en-US/Nature

People in Karelia area are very friendly and welcoming and that’s why we wish you to join our life in Karelia. We believe that our guests respect our idea: Live like locals. Read more: https://www.lakelandkarelia.fi/visitkesalahti/

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The tour is suitable for both beginners and advanced paddlers. At the beginning of the excursion, the basics of canoeing and safety issues are discussed.

Comfortable clothes for outdoor sports and warm or rainy clothes depending on the weather. Footwear suitable for water sports. We recommend neoprene socks and shoes or soft shoes without laces. You will need extra clothes in a waterproof bag (instructor has extra to borrow) and a warm jacket for a break and after canoeing. We recommend that you place your cameras and phones in a waterproof bag or pocket.

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Alku jännityksen jälkeen aivan mahtava kokemus! Tainalle kiitokset hyvästä opetuksesta. Ihana paikka, kiitos Sisko!


Hyvä retki, lähtisin toistekin! Alussa meni suhteellisesti paljon aikaa turvallisuuteen ja varusteiden esittelyihin ennenkuin päästiin vesille, mutta mukana oli ensikertalainen eli oli ymmärrettävää. Opin itsekin paljon uutta.


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