Guided nature tour in the landscapes of Mäntyniemi Manor

We get to know the nature around Mäntyniemi Manor.

Kesälahti, Finlande
Disponible en finnois, anglais et suédois
1.5 heures
15 places par expérience
Prix normal: 30 €
Enfants: 15 €

Au programme

Guided tour in the surroundings of Mäntyniemi Estate will let you feel and see the diversity and peace of nature. During the tour we'll stop to listen to both nature and historical stories about Estate's surroundings. Meditation, stretching or singing can be added according to wishes.

Qui est Havinoi - le/la Doer

Mäntyniemi Manor is surrounded by exceptionally beautiful and diverse nature with field, lake and forest landscapes. Exercising in nature increases well-being and causes your heart rate to drop.

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