Carlsron museum Ghosts, minimum 2 people

History and Ghost Stories

Kristinestad, Finlande
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Welcome to Kristiinankaupunki's famous haunted villa Carlsro, now called Carlsron museum. The 126-year old manors residents have not left it yet.
Guided tour of the mysterious museum offers excitement and history. The gothic style villa reminds us of a haunted house and it already has a mysterious atmosphere. This museums guided ghost tour is for adults and children. (Ask about family tickets).
The Kristiinankaupunki born commercial counsellor and shipowner Carl Alfred Carlström built this villa outside the city limits near lake Suurjärvi. Back then the rose garden was blooming and the staff were raking the drive clean that was covered in light colored gravel. Alfred's family only had 14 happy years in this villa, and after that it was auctioned off. During this tour you get to find out why Alfred shot himself, who started the museum and collected the rare Ericsson's 1897 so called "Luurankopuhelin" telephone, there are only 4 known of these in Finland.
Chilling ghost atmosphere created by these items such as dolls that silently stare,
or did one just blink it's eyes?
During the walk you get to go inside the museum/villa and see the haunted rooms and hear about it's secrets and ghosts

Qui est Natalia - le/la Doer

Natalia Kaleva is Kristiinankaupunki's authorized travel- and ghost tour guide. She get's
the listeners of this lively commentary to listen to the chilling ghost tour quiet like a mouse. Kaleva was also a tour guide for the museum a few years ago and spent the night inside the museum, during this tour she will tell you about the ghost encounter.
Villa Carlsro has a colorful history that melts nicely into these stories. Kaleva will tell you who is the man wearing a tailcoat and a tophat who wanders these hallways, who wondered why the lights were turning on by themselves and felt the air change chilling cold. Where you can hear men talking, music, or a baby crying? Why every morning in the childrens room there appears an indentation on the bedcover? Who hides behind the curtains?
Natalia Kaleva is also an art and language teacher, but in her free time she is an
avid history buff and paranormal investigator.
Kaleva arranges tours in Kristiinankaupunki and also Carlsro museum with different themes, she know's and explains what is the difference between a ghost, a spirit and an apparition.

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