Garden in Arctic Wilderness

Wind down in a lakeside garden made for all senses

Kuhmo, Finlande
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We will go for a walk in the Villa Cone Beach garden-arboretum, which locates on the shores of the scenic Lake Korpijärvi in Kuhmo. Garden lovers hear enthusiastic guidance on plants and learn about harsh winters. You are free to wander on your own too, winding down and feeling a deeper experience. Enjoy garden culture at its best!

Sense flowers, birds, butterflies, all sounds and wonderful smells of the vibrant summer. The very first spring flowers shoot from the ground during the first days of May, when some snow may still remain in shades. Green and colorful garden life goes on until September-October. Colors peak in August and September making the splendor of Ruska. The frostier the nights the brighter the colors.

While here, you will agree that Villa Cone Beach is the perfect place for your next luxurious holiday! The garden is reserved primarily for Villa Cone Beach guests.

On July 24 only the event available at 14:00.

Qui est Timo - le/la Doer

There is nothing necessary but gardening and demise. Gardening is good antidote for the latter.

Me and my family used to move our home between Helsinki downtown and barren hot places far away, while i was dealing with heavy industrial trade. Building a garden in my birth village balanced that dry-hot-stony-mechanical life perfectly. As often happens, the hobby broke loose. Ever more plans, plants, work, a true money pit - but absolutely no regrets. Small paths twist and turn in the garden, which covers about 1 hectare. Seasonal daffodils, tulips, lilies and clematises among many other beauties welcome you.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Seasonal clothing, The garden paths are easy, sandy and accessible.

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