Day hike at Amazing Auttiköngäs area

Hike around old forest by Auttiköngäs waterfall

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5 heures
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Autti area is about an hour drive away from Rovaniemi city center. Auttiköngäs is the tallest waterfall at the area and Autti river . Autti river has been a very important passage for the loggers. The whole area is surrounded by beautiful old forests.

Walk will be about 5 km, going up and down old hills. You will realize it's totally worth the effort once you see the beautiful waterfall, forest and views.

Enjoy snacks by open fire. Relax and take photos.
This trip takes about 6 hours.

Qui est Krisu - le/la Doer

I do this because I love our nature and like meeting new people!

It has always been familiar to me to spend time in nature- skiing, hiking, fishing etc. As a child, my grandfather ”Äijä” took me for long skiing trips. We’d make coffee by fire and eat frozen oranges. My grandmother was angry at Äijä for taking a young child for such challenging trips – but Äijä and I – we enjoyed those trips in our ”magic forests” alot.

When summer came, we’d go to our small wilderness cabin which had no running water or electiricity. Even though there were millions of moskitoes and other insects, me and my brothers dressed as ”Tarzan”, which means a tiny piece of cloth that had a snakeskin print and a knife hanging from it. You can only guess, how easy doing laundry was!!! And the amount of itching moskito bites!!!

Then came a time for a more serious life. At some point, when sitting at the office , stressing out some project that I was working on, I realized I had to get back to my roots, back to basics, doing things I enjoy the most. It was the only way to be the best version of myself. I had to make a change in my life. I was lucky to have the support from my family to do this. I took a year off my job,followed my dream and studied to be a nature- and wilderness guide. I’ve realized that best things in life are the most simple ones, the basics.

I followed my passion, took the risk.

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share this love for nature with you! There are small miracles around us all the time if we just stop and open our minds to them - falling snow, sunsets, calm waters, blowing wind.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Bring good sturdy shoes, such as hiking boots etc. Wear outdoor clothing suitable for the weather.
We recommed that you bring a bottle of drinking water and a camera.

Les avis



Best Lapland Guide! Kristiina Nuorivaara with Arctic Joy helped to make our 20th anniversary trip to Lapland, Finland absolutely fabulous. We booked two day long excursions with her, one to the Rauna Zoo, and a hike through the forest that culminated in lunch lakeside over an open fire and me presenting My wife with a necklace.

Kristiina's vast knowledge of Finnish flora and fauna was amazing. Also, her level of customer service and attention to detail was nothing short of spectacular. I could not (seriously) be more pleased than I am with the services we received from Arctic Joy. Karen and I both would not dream of using anyone else for a Lapland guide service.

We will return, and we will be using Kristiina and Arctic Joy when we do. Highly highly recommend!


I booked a 3h snowshoeing trip with Kristiina. The fact that she takes solo travellers is beyond amazing. She is easy to get in touch with.

The trip through the woods had the perfect "winter wonderland" feel. She is super knowledgeable about everything and really friendly.

I would recommend to book with Arctic Joy!


A Perfect Winter Wonderland Experience. Kristiina's detailed messages to me as I was attempting to organize my days in Rovaniemi were an indication of the amazing experiences we were to have. Traveling with Kristiina for two days was certainly a joyful experience for me. I only wish I had booked more activities!

We hiked Korouoma Canyon on a beautiful cold wintry day where she shared her extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna. Have you ever witnessed the instant freezing of hot water as it is tossed in the air? Have you ever given a tree a "yoga hug?" Have you ever had to cling to ropes as you descend or ascend hilly snow covered narrow trails? It's an amazing experience!

She is a petite gal who carried approximately 24 pounds of supplies in her backpack for the entire day. In her backpack she had an ax, extra firewood, and our dinner of salmon. We arrived at a lean to for our dinner. Luckily, the only other group we had me on the trails for the entire day was just finishing their dinner so we did not have to start our own fire. However, with her expertise, that would not have been an issue.

All hikers are expected to chop firewood for the next hikers. She chopped the wood; I tried but not too successfully. However, it was a fun experience. The last part of the hike was all uphill as we walked by the light of the moon and listened to the snow crunching under our feet but still aware of the total silence of our surroundings.

Kristiina is highly professional, knowledgeable, and shares a wealth of information about Lapland. If you want to have a perfect experience in Lapland, she is the guide to contact!