Live mixing Finnish rock & metal bands

Assist in setting up and mixing live rock & metal bands

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Rock and heavy metal are like rye bread and smoked salmon for Finns! Come set up and help mix local rock and heavy metal bands from Rovaniemi. Any experience level is fine, whether you're just curious about how it works (and want to hang out with slightly intoxicated rockers), or you're truly interested in getting hands-on experience behind the mixing board.

We'll pack up the PA gear (help as much or as little as you can or want), head to the club, set it up, sound check the bands, and during the gig, you can help mix the live show. The time is 4+ hours because there's usually a couple hours of downtime between soundcheck and the live show.

We'll be using a huge digital mixer which is not nearly as complicated as it may seem upon first glance.

Bring your earplugs! We don't do quiet shows. :)

Qui est Adicus - le/la Doer

I'm a sound engineer and writer living in Rovaniemi. I've been here about 7 years, and I've worked with numerous local bands and musicians in recording, mixing and doing live sound for shows. I love rock and metal almost as much as the natives. :)

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Gloves are useful, if you're going to carry stuff
An age over 18, in order to enter the club