Story dinners at Officers' Club

Delicious flavors and funny stories.

Lappeenranta, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
3 heures
100 places par expérience
juin - août

Au programme

Target group: those interested in personal history and personal stories as well as food and beverage culture.

Group size: At least 12 people

A group dinner that includes the protagonist’s story, dinner, and a selected drink package.
The narrators of the stories are Timo Hirvonen and Hannu Hyppönen.

For dinner, the main characters of the stories to be chosen or selected are:

a) Stories of the officer club: from hack games to tarragon and from people to events at the officer club.

b) Presidents: Juho Kusti Paasikivi, Urho Kekkonen or Mauno Koivisto.

c) Generals: Marshal C.G.E Mannerheim or Generalissimus Aleksandr Suvorov.

(d) Soldiers, one or more

- Unknown soldier and real Antti Rokka
- Knight Tour: Portraits of the 11 knights in the officers' club and their stories
- Knight of the Mannerheim Cross Lauri Törni
- Lieutenant Colonel Karl Arnold Woldemar Majewski
- Carl von Haartman "The Horror of Spain"
- Aarne Juutilainen "The Horror of Morocco"
- Sniper Simo Häyhä.

e) Composer Jean Sibelius.

Prices: Stories 20.00 € / customer

Three-course menus served at tables
Basic € 29.00, medium € 39.00 and wide € 49.00

Beverage packages
- Basic: Welcome bowl, two spills of house white / red wine 12 cl or beer, 22.00 € / person
- Central: Welcome bowl, two spills of house white / red wine 12 cl or beer, coffee avec
(liqueur / cognac), 29.00 € / person
- Extensive: Welcome bowl, two spills of house white / red wine 12 cl or beer, dessert wine,
coffee avec (liqueur / cognac), 37.00 € / person.
- Additional drinks: A cavalry bowl of € 7.00 is eaten together according to cavalry traditions.

Additional information: Hannu Hyppönen, Executive Vice President, +358 40 657 3495

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