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Lieviskänjoki, Finlande
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Are you interested in the clear water of the flowing river, an adventure in untouched pure nature, a taste experience of Saimaa's delicacies and relaxing early summer evenings? During the canoeing route you will experience narrow stretches of river, curving lake straits and deep lakes. All along the route the shores are safely near us. During the tour guides keep good care of you and create a safe and warm atmosphere from the beginning to the end.

The tour starts from Lake Jukajärvi. The the first break will be taken in Mikonpolven laavu along the Lieviskäjoki river. There we will enjoy picnic lunches by the campfire. Everyone can bring their own snacks or alternatively you can order Discover Saimaa's own travel bag.

The atmosphere of Lieviskäjoki in early summer will leave you speechless. Green and lush nature are at their best. The bends of the gently flowing river arouse interest in a mystical way. When we arrive to the Lieviskä mill, the kayaks need to be carried to the other side of the mill, and from there we will continue our journey to Lake Lieviskä. By the shores of Lake Lieviskä, in Reposenniemi, a local couple welcomes us as their guests and a warm sauna and a dinner will crown the day. The dinner will be prepared by our host and the menu includes delicious vendace catched straight out of Lake Saimaa. We overnight on the shores of Lake Saimaa in cottage accommodation in double rooms.

The next day's canoe trip in Saimaa will take us from Reposenniemi to Karhukoski's cabin. Bathing in the beach sauna and cooling off in the Lake Saimaa are enjoyable activities. A delicious dinner is enjoyed together after the bathing.

It is in our bet interest to prepare you for this trip as well as possible. We provide information and tips on kayaking, dining and clothing to help you feel as safe and confident as possible before leaving on a multi-day kayaking trip. A pre-meeting will be arranged between the participants as an online meeting. During the meeting, we will go through the equipment needed for the trip in more detail, as well as the trip and route description.

The price includes:

- canoeing guide for two days
- accommodation
- breakfast
- dinner
- use of the kayak during the trip
- all equipment needed for kayaking, such as life jackets and a paddle
- beach sauna

This tour will not leave anyone cold! The seats for this trip are limited, so book your trip NOW!

Contact us:

☎️ 041 313 6868

Qui est Discover Saimaa - le/la Doer

Discover Saimaa operates from Imatra in the southern Saimaa region. Discover Saimaa is a 100% Finnish company. Discover Saimaa organizes trips and events and offers services. We organize nature adventure trips, bike rides, canoe trips, cultural cycling, etc. In the autumn we also organize mushroom and berry trips and in the winter we can be found amongst the snow activities.

Our "office" is in nature, by Lake Saimaa. Nature itself is the largest activity center, open to all of us around the year. Nature is an empowering thing; it produces strength and energy, increases well-being and broadens our minds.

In nature tourism, we implement a responsible and sustainable tourism service. We operate in an environmentally responsible manner and are aware of the effects of our own operations on the environment. We strive to manage the environmental impact and pass on awareness to others.

The founder of Discover Saimaa is Taru Kaljunen. Taru is from Imatra, on the shores of Lake Saimaa. "The nurse's work took me to the metropolitan area, where I spent 20 years. The nature experience training gave me the enthusiasm to start my own company, Tarude Travels, which took me to the French Alps and the Italian Dolomites amongst ski hiking". Coronavirus drove Taru back to her hometown. Love to homeland and the enchantment of Saimaa were the key factors behind the creation of Discover Saimaa. What would be a better place to take nature tourism than the Saimaa region.

We listen our customers with a “sensitive ear” and fulfill their wishes whenever possible. We recommend asking for customized tours and events!

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Level of difficulty: The route is easy and sheltered and runs smoothly. There are no major lake crossings and the journey proceeds near the shores. No previous kayaking experience is required. Of course, going on a hike is more enjoyable if you have sat in a kayak before and you handle the basics of kayaking.

The kayaks in use are twin kayaks which are more stable and lighter paddle than unit kayaks. If you have previous experience of paddling with a unit kayak, we can also arrange one for your use.

Equipment: regular outdoor equipment, own water / water bottle. During the day hike, you should have your own backpack, good shoes and a brisk mind with you. Everything related to the kayak is organized directly on the spot, convenient, right? If you are missing equipment, the guide will help you purchase and rent it. You can also use the rental service of the Partioaitta 365, for example.

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