Virtual guided tour in Tytyri Mine Experience

Virtual tour in Tytyri Mine Experience

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The virtualtour of Tytyri Mine Experience brings you deep beneath the surface to the land of miners, where darkness and light combine to create experiences you’ll encounter nowhere else. As part of the guided tour, the geological exhibition by the Geological Survey of Finland shows what can be found underground, and of course also presents the history of Tytyri mine, including the working life of the miners. The interplay of light and colour are to be seen in the art exhibitions on display, and the tour culminates in a light show projected on to the massive surface of the excavated area, which is 100 metres deep and 100 metres wide.

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The Tytyri Mine Experience, operated by the City of Lohja and Visit Lohja, is a unique and multi-faceted travel destination 110 metres below ground level, combining the Nordkalk mining industry, Kone’s top-class technological development, and the adventure and thrills of a travel destination. Tytyri, which is in the middle of Lohja town, has been mined for chalk since 1897. Limestone mining still continues at Tytyri, at a depth of 370 metres, in Nordkalk’s mining operations. Nordkalk has been in the Rettig family for generations.

One of the most heavily-mined tunnel networks, the 110-metre level, was opened to the public as a mine museum in 1988. Since then, the public has had a wonderful opportunity to see this fascinating underground world, arranged by the Town of Lohja. Although the dark and humid museum area is filled with underground sounds, it is a very safe distance from the excavation work, which is much deeper down.

In 1998, the Finnish elevator manufacturer KONE found an excellent spot in a disused mineshaft in Tytyri for testing its High rise lifts, which are installed in many skyscrapers worldwide. This is how Tytyri mine came to have state-of-the-art elevator technology, the product of Finnish engineering expertise, in a 300-metre mineshaft. Now Finland’s fastest elevator is coming to the Mine Experience.

What all the operators in the Tytyri mine have in common is expertise in their own field, and a high regard for safety in their use of the unique spaces offered by this fascinating environment deep within the Finnish bedrock. We are proud to be able to offer visitors to Tytyri the unique Mine Experience. Welcome to the deeper regions of the Earth.

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To watch the virtual tour of the Tytyri Mine Experience, you need computer or mobiledevice with internet connection and a web browser. (the tour works best on Chrome). the soundtrack starts at 0:30.

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