Grannie bakes tales

Bake cinnamon buns and hear the stories of prohibition

Lovisa, Finlande
Disponible en finnois, anglais et suédois
2 heures
4 places par expérience
août - décembre
Prix normal: 40 €
Enfants: 10 €

Au programme

Homemade cinnamon buns and a cup of Coffee with a delicious stories of finnish alcohol policy 100 years ago. We bake together buns or carelian pastries if you like to taste salty ones. 1919-1932 was a wierd period of finnish history, it was prohibited to drink liquor but ut was consumpted more and more.

Qui est GuideForYou-Anne - le/la Doer

As a guide, storytelling is great way to pass on history and baking at the same time real finnish cinnamon buns or carelian pastries opens our senses. Maybe you’ll feel as child with grannie... Food is ❤️ and to have a coffee/teabreak together after work is earned.

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You can take a bus from Helsinki, it takes app. 1,2 h.

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