Lyon Silk road

Discover the evolution of silk made in Lyon!

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Did you know that Lyon used to have a huge silk industry and actually was the world capital of silk in the 18th century?
Join me to my walking tour and follow the evolution of silk weaving from the 14th to the 19th century. We’ll jump into the time machine and get to know the history of silk in Lyon by visiting last but still active weaving workshops in the old town. We’ll traboule the longest inside corridor of the town to understand why it was so important and helpful to have these “secret corridors” for silk merchants and manufacturers and we’ll continue the silk road by following the silk workers footsteps to their later silk hub Croix-Rousse.

Qui est Liisa - le/la Doer

When I visit a new place or a city I also want to know the history behind it. And when I came to Lyon four years ago I was really amazed how rich and special the history of Lyon really is. Lyon has over 2000 years of history to tell us. It was an important Roman city, a cosmopolite Renaissance town, the city of lights and also a city of silk!

Les avis


Our tour was the Silk Road and the traboules. We would never have found the many secret passageways alone. Thank you Liisa for sharing your incredible knowledge, not just for the tour subject but for much of Lyon and surrounding areas. Your knowledge extends beyond the history answering questions relating to local restaurants, delicacies, and wine. We both had a super morning with you. We wish you continued success with your career.


Thank you so much Liisa! That was a very enjoyable morning spent with you exploring the traboules and hearing the explanations about the Silk Road and the housing for the weavers and the trip up the stairs to Croix Rousse. Watching the silk worms and reading about their life cycle was fascinating. You are very knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to meet you. Thanks again.


Thank you so much Liisa for putting me in contact with Christina. My mum and I enjoyed a wonderful evening exploring places we never would have found on our own. I would highly reccommend your services!


Hi Lisa
Thank you for making it possible to have this tour while you were away. Christina was very personable and easy to be with and took me through places I would never have found by myself. The traboules were a great experience and the tour was great value.


What a lovely afternoon with exciting information on Lyon and it's history with silk. With Liisa's passion and knowledge made this experience really memorable and we fell in love with Lyon. Highly recommend!