Canoeing on the lake Ylä-Keyritty

Canoeing on the lake around Metsäkartano Youth Centre

Metsäkartano, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
4 heures
10 places par expérience
mai - octobre

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Canoeing on the lake in the wilderness surroundings. A self-guided trip on the lake Ylä-Keyritty, starting from Metsäkartano Youth Centre. The lake is for non-motorized boats only, which makes your nature trip a peaceful one. Enjoy the beautiful scenery dominated by the lake and the surrounding forests and take a break by a campfire on a remote sandy beach. The starting point of your trip is the reception of Metsäkartano Youth Centre (main building). The canoe and the safety vest(s) are located in a shelter by the lake shore - you will get the instructions as well as useful tips for your trip (eg. the location of the fireplaces) from the reception. Canoeing is suitable for nature lovers who have at least a little experience on lake canoeing. Children under 18 years only accompanied and in charge by an adult. Included in the rate: canoe, paddle(s) and safety vest(s).
You have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful lake and the surroundings, since you have even four hours included in your rental. Please note also that you can take another person with you, since one canoe can carry two persons (and two paddles and safety vests are available for one rental).

Qui est Nuorisokeskus Metsäkartano - le/la Doer

At Metsäkartano Youth Centre and wilderness resort we want to bring unspoilt nature closer to an ordinary person in a safe way. In pure wilderness surroundings you can experience the soothing power of nature and have a break from hectic life and work rhytm.
Come and join an adventure in the deep shades of the forest in Metsäkartano, where the air is as clean as it can get and where you really can hear the sound of silence.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Retki sopii jo vähän meloneille ja kokeneemmille melojille. Alle 18-vuotiaat vain täysi-ikäisen mukana ja vastuulla.
Aurinkoisella säällä on hyvä varautua lippalakilla tai muulla päähineellä ja aurinkolaseilla sekä käyttää aurinkovoidetta, muuten säänmukainen vaatetus ja varmuuden vuoksi vesitiiviisti pakatut varavaatteet.

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