Hoitava konsertti ja Joogaa 22.5. 2022 / 13-18:30

Performing concert and yoga event

Nurmijärvi, Finlande
Disponible en finnois
6 heures
30 places par expérience
mai - septembre

Au programme

In the countryside, in the middle of forests and fields, a red old barn divides. Inside is a beautiful high yoga hall, and a living room with a peaceful atmosphere inviting you to relax and unwind. Climb along the forest path to the top of the barn and allow your shoulders to settle and your breathing to stabilize. Relax, listen to nature and experience a holistic rural experience.

The guest attending the concert event is Merja Valve, Master of Music, Yoga. His peculiar way of using his own voice, Tibetan sound bowls and other caring instruments must be experienced on the spot himself. You can receive harmonious and deeply relaxing sound vibrations in each of your cells.
The effect of sounds on your body still seems to work after the concert.
Laila Hofland's VinttiFlow takes you through movement meditation to sunbathing, from it to flow-like asanas and the rest through calm movements to final relaxation. Between hours, food and coffee are served in the attic living room, followed by evening tea.
You are cordially welcome to enjoy!

Qui est Joogavintti ja Tarinakoru Oy - le/la Doer

The farm of the Taidonmaa has a jeweler's workshop and a yoga winch.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

You don’t need any previous yoga experience, the event is for everyone.

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