Throwing a pancake course

Tricks and tips for frying pancakes

Nurmijärvi, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
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Baking bonfires is a fun and tasty activity. Whoever learns to fry and throw campfire creatures, as long as the equipment and technology are in order! In this course, a pancake professional will guide you through the essential tricks and tips for frying pancakes, and at the same time we will enjoy the pancakes and soap pot coffee we roast by the fire.

The baking course begins with the preparation of the dough and the lighting of the campfire. We also put soot pot coffee to come and when the coffee is brewed, we learn how to fry the pancakes and turn them over by tossing - for this purpose we have special "Casserole pans" that are easy to hold on a long stem over a fire. The same campfire can hold many pancakes at the same time. Finally, we enjoy the coffees and pancakes we bake ourselves - and even outdoors, where everything always tastes better!

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