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Here's our selection of online experiences and virtual tours. Enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 100% corona safe. As much as we love to travel, there are times when it is simply not possible. We believe that staying home does not have to be boring – book your experience and meet the locals online. Share the love with #doerz #livelikealocal.

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Virtual tour of Venice

Kiitos, hyvä kierros!

Virtual guided tour in Tytyri Mine Experience

Kiitos, virtuaalikierros oli mielenkiintoinen ja herätti kiinnostuksen käydä ihan paikan päällä. Olisin kaivannut vuorovaikutusmahdollisuuden oppaan kanssa. Nyt kierros oli valmis video, jolloin vuorovaikutusta ei tapahtunut. Nousi paljon kysymyksiä kierroksen aikana. Mukava kokemus ensimmäiseksi virtuaalikierrokseksi.

Livestream wine-lover class with italian Sommelier from Rome

Offline in Finland, Online in Italy! What a great experience I just had: Livestream wine-lover class with italian Sommelier from Rome! Such a great feeling to dress up and imagine yourself going to a winery visit in Italy while sitting in your living room. I even checked the weather in Rome and dressed as I would actually be there. I would recommend this online experience to everyone who loves wine!