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Here's our selection of online experiences and virtual tours. Enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 100% corona safe. As much as we love to travel, there are times when it is simply not possible. We believe that staying home does not have to be boring – book your experience and meet the locals online. Share the love with #doerz #livelikealocal.

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Easy Movement Workout + Helsinki Tour online

Ihanan virkistävä paussi työpäivään aurinkoisen Katin seurassa. Puolessa tunnissa ehti nähdä yllättävän paljon Helsinkiä ja saada mukavaa liikettä kroppaan. Parhaiten vietetty tauko vähään aikaan. :)

Most beautiful squares in Rome

This virtual interactive tour in Rome was incredible, it really felt like I was actually walking in the streets of Rome and especially now, in the middle of the covid-19 pandemia, it was a much missed social gathering. I was able to meet family members from the other side of Europe and even other continents and I loved it, together we were able to learn something new and experience Rome! I think we'll make these different virtual experiences a regular way to stay connected. Truly inspired!

Arctic Wilderness Survival Online Experience in Lapland

I got to learn a lot of new things (about animals mostly), even though I'm living in Lapland as well! So a good learning experience in nice winter landscape :).