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Adventure with ponies in the enchantment of stories and fore

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A guided fairytale forest tour gives the child and his family a unique moment to focus on listening to the story passing through the fairytale forest while riding a pony.
The fairytale forest contains wonderful and magical things, in which there is enough to experience for the children's parents, grandparents or loved ones. And strangely, in the fairytale forest, Cell Phones don’t work at all!

This experience is experienced by all the senses and stored directly in the heart, without a screen in between!
The excursion is experienced together as the parents guide their children on the backs of the trained Kippons. This way, there is enough to share the experience with the family for a long time! Our ponies are well trained and calm, so no previous experience in pony luring is required. You can also bring a godparent, grandparents or another close adult, for example. The trip can accommodate two adults per child.

Kippons The fairytale forest trip is guided by the Kippons Master, who also acts as a storyteller.

Good to know:
The duration of the trip led by the master of Kipponit Village is about half an hour (~ 30min), in addition to which Kipponit Village invites children to play and look for hidden objects in the caches of Kipponit cottages! The atmosphere of the trip changes in daylight and dusk with magical lighting. Come try which one is more exciting for you! (Note! In summer it is bright around the clock, when the lighting is off)

The story of the fairytale forest trip changes with the seasons, so remember to stay tuned for news!

Our summer story “Takku's magic broth” 6.6.2020-16.8.2020

Story description:

Kippons have a problem!

The fart bags intended for joking about Pottonen and Höppönen did not withstand frost in winter, so the magic broth master “Takku” was asked to help cook a magic broth that would strengthen the fart bags to withstand winter as well. Takku couldn't find a ready-made recipe in his magic broth book, so he decides to come up with it himself and goes to the fairytale forest to look for suitable magic herbs. Along the way, Takku adds various ingredients to his soup and tests the broth. BUT HUPSIS! Along the way, the magic broth spills along and strange things happen in the magic forest. 🤭 Jump in to listen to our summer story and ride through the fun Fairytale Forest! 🤗💕

The experience is suitable for both boys and girls, no minimum age!
Upper weight limit 45kg.

NB! We can agree on the one that suits your group (minimum 4 participants)

travel time also outside of regular times. Feel free to contact us!

The trip will take place when at least three happy adventurers are leaving! We confirm the realization of the trip for each participant.

Family discount!
When several children from the same family participate in the same trip, the price is 34 € / for one or more children!
Send us a message from the "send message" button and you will receive a family offer as a return email.

Qui est Kipponit Satumetsäretki - le/la Doer

Based on customer feedback, we have managed to create something completely new, miraculous and magical that detaches both children and adults from the hustle and bustle of the mobile world and appropriately takes them back to the wonderful world of nature, animals and experiences. Our service highly values ​​respect for nature, Finnish craftsmanship, meticulous refinement of things and contemplation to the end, as well as interesting stories. We work for the love of children, horses, nature and the limitlessness of the imagination, the appropriate madness!

Background Troops:
"The Kippons are very personal and have completely conquered our hearts! We treat them with love and professionalism!"
The well-being of the kippons is taken care of by Stall Saarinen Oy, run by professionals in the horse industry. Tiia-Liisa Saarinen, a showjumping rider, professional horse trainer and show jumping sport coach, is responsible for Stall Saarinen's activities with his husband Sami Saarinen.

Little Kippon village is full of joy and love and there everyone can make their dreams come true, whatever they may be! In the village, children can play and solve small tasks. The village also has a café and a campfire where you can fry sausages and eat a snack.

Come and see what the Takku´s magic cottage is like or Pikku-Siipi's small garden. What kind of cottages do other Kippons have? It will be overcome by visiting Kippon Village!

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Recommended age 2-11 years.
Overweight limit about 45kg.

Getting ready for the trip:
In Kipponi Village, you can find adjustable riding helmets that meet EU standards. Dress warmly according to the weather conditions and footwear suitable for a forest trip. It is good for the rider to have heels that are suitable for the weather. Customers are not insured by Kipponies. The operation has liability insurance. Please note that we are moving in the right forest. The trip will only be canceled in the event of heavy rain or stormy weather.

Excursion info and ponies distribution starts 15 minutes before the start of the excursion, so please be there in time.

The village of Kipponit opens about 45 minutes before the start of the first trip. You can come and explore the village and play before the trip.

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Oli tosi kivaa. Satumetsästä ja ponilla ratsastamisesta riittää kummitytöllä puhetta pitkäksi aikaa. Suunnitellaan jo seuraavaa kertaa 😊


Vajaa 4-v tyttömme tykkäsi satuseikkailusta tosi paljon 😊


Ihanan iloiset vetäjät ja mukavat ponit :)


It was a very nice event! My child wants to visit there every day now 😂!
Kipponit Satumetsäretki Kipponit Satumetsäretki Thank you, we are really happy to hear that you have liked our event :)


Oli kivaa! Ja ponin kanssa oli tosi helppo mennä, jopa tämmöiseltä hevospelkoiselta! :) tullaan varmasti toistekin!

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