Icelandic Horse Riding Trek in Finnish Nature

Ride the unique Icelandic horse and enjoy the stunning natur

Paltamo, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
2 heures
5 places par expérience

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When you arrive at Hóll, the horses are ready and saddled. We then go through the basics and how to ride safely. After that we hop into the saddle and we’re ready to start our adventure into the forest.

We ride on narrow forest paths and through the varied landscapes. We take in the silence of the forest and ride quietly in walk and then a smooth tölt, which is the Icelandic horses own unique gait. With the experienced riders, we can go for a rapid gallop. The trek lasts for two hours and after that we spend 30 minutes or so treating the horses.

Please wear suitable clothes for the outdoor activity and petiolate shoes. Wellies or hiking boots are good footwear for riding.

This trek is suitable also for unexperienced adult riders.

Qui est Tuula - le/la Doer

My name is Tuula and I started to keep up the farm and Hóll Stable at the year 2003. We live at the farm with my family. I love Icelandic horses because they are calm and sturdy animals.
Icelandic horses have their unique gait called tölt and it is a smooth and enjoyable way to ride.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Riders weight limit is 90 kg.
Temperature limit for riding is -20c.
Any children under 12 must be proficient at riding.

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Kiitos mahtavasta päivästä!
Tuula Tuula Kiitos käynnistä!

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