Old Porvoo 1899 through the lense of Natalia Linsén

Living in the Old Porvoo 120 years ago.

Porvoo, Finlande
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We explore the late 19th century Old Porvoo with the photographs of photographer Natalia Linsén. After studying photography in Viipuri (1887-1888), Linsén founded the first permanent photography studio in Porvoo at the age of 44. She diligently immortalized Porvoo's milieu: Old Porvoo, the riverside, and also the empire part of the city that was then under construction.

The shopkeepers, bakers, craftsmen, blacksmiths and residents in the pictures tell their story. The pictures show small boutiques, workshops, public buildings, and homes from merchant and rock-bottomed "cottages." And best of all, most of them are still in place. Natalia Linsén was thus a great rescuer of the cultural heritage of Porvoo and of the Finnish urban environment and life.

Qui est Outi - le/la Doer

I live in Porvoo and love it! My aim is to give you an experience that you will remember. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will meet nice local people, too. Porvoo is visually beautiful and you will have enough time for photos, too.

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Old Town of Porvoo has cobble stone -allies and some hills, so please wear low heals.

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