Hj. Nortamo Themed Tour (only in Finnish)

Dive in to the Rauma dialect.

Rauma, Finlande
Disponible en finnois
2 heures
25 places par expérience

Au programme

This walking tour in Old Rauma is only in Finnish.

Me pasera ungefäär pari tiima pisi Vanha Rauma ja vauhkottle kaikki ihmellissi asjoi muinasilt ajoilt. Vanha Rauma kadu ova suurimmaks osaks mukulkivissi, et blokkast semsek skuurik kondeihis millp passa trambat. Lisseks syynäst nuukema jälkke mimmost säät o luvat, ettäs tiädäk kläädät ittes lailles 😊

Qui est Jarmo Teränen - le/la Doer

Rauma and its history, especially maritime history, even because of my maritime background, have always interested me and been my hobby for most of my life. After attending the guide course, I have also been able to share the knowledge of Rauma's history and maritime history with others 😊

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