Kayaking trip in Rauma Archipelago (2h)

Go guided kayaking adventure to Rauma Archipelago

Rauma, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
2 heures
6 places par expérience
juin - août

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Kayaking trip is possible for everyone who can swim. First we introduce how to use kayaks and kayaking what are the kayaking techniques and then we go to kayaking together to Rauma Archipelago. We will do about 5 kilometers long kayaking trip.

Qui est Rannikon Seikkailut - le/la Doer

I am wilderness guide from Rauma and I absolute love nature! Rauma has a beautiful Archipelago and kayaking trips are nice way to get know it better. With kayaking guide it is safe and nice to go to kayaking in Bothnian Sea.

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- swimming skill

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mukava kokemus, hyvä opastus, liittyisi ensi kerralla
Rannikon Seikkailut Rannikon Seikkailut ❤ kiitos


Thanks for these 2 hours kayaking.
Rannikon Seikkailut Rannikon Seikkailut


Hieno melonta-ilta. . . sumusta aurinkoon 😍
Rannikon Seikkailut Rannikon Seikkailut Kiitos ❤


Aivan huippu ilta oli tänäänkin. Kiitos!
Rannikon Seikkailut Rannikon Seikkailut ❤ kiitos!

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