Many faces of the Old Rauma - guided tour

Walk with me in time and in architectural changes in Old Rau

Rauma, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
1 heure 30 minutes
15 places par expérience
juin - octobre
Prix normal: 12 €
Enfants: 10 €

Au programme

Welcome to my guided tour. As we walk in the narrow streets of The Old Town we will find the changes in the houses. Some have grown in size, the facades have been refurbished according to the architectural styles of the time. One can also detect the social changes in town, different quarters and the size of the houses express the wealth in town but also about the lack of it. I will also tell you about the skilled townsmen who draw the plans for new facades, very seldom they were architects.

Qui est Hannu - le/la Doer

I'm an authorized guide of Rauma, and I specialized on the architectural changes in the facades of old wooden houses. I made a small study on the subject. It is interesting to find out how many different stories the houses can tell.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

We walk on the cobblestone streets so wear suitable shoes.

The price for children concerns all children with their parents

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