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Dive into the maritime history of Rauma!

Rauma, Finlande
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Learn the maritime history of a medieval coastal town in Rauma Maritime Museum! When you book your visit in advance at Doerz, you can visit the museum even if the normal opening hours won’t suit your schedule.

The Maritime Museum is located in an atmospheric building, which was finished in 1900 and used to house the Rauma Maritime College. In the exhibition rooms you can immerge yourself in the era of sailing and the life of a sailor. Scale-models and artefacts allow you to take a quick peek under the surface at shipwrecks. You can even familiarize yourself with maritime education not only from historical but also from present day point of view by trying out our navigation simulator.

The Maritime Museum offers things to see on two floors and you also have a chance to visit the tower of the museum. Please note that the museum building is not an accessible facility.

If you like, you can also book a guided tour for 1 to 30 people for your visit. The tour takes 45 to 60 minutes and costs 70 € (incl. 24 % VAT). Note! If you’re planning to visit us on a weekday evening (after 16.00), Saturday evening (after 17.00) or on Sunday, a 50 € work fee is added to the reservation.

Qui est Rauman merimuseo - Rauma Maritime Museum - le/la Doer

Rauma Maritime Museum is a specialized museum that tells about the most vital things for the existence of a medieval town: sea and seafaring. The basic exhibition and changing exhibitions shed light to sailing, shipbuilding and maritime education in Rauma as well as the sailor’s life both at sea and on land.

The museum building, which was finished in 1900 and originally designed for the Rauma Maritime College, is worth seeing in itself. The Maritime Museum was opened to the public in June 2004.

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