Father's Day Buffet

Father's Day Buffet at Metsäkartano Restaurant

Rautavaara, Finlande
Disponible en finnois
2 heures
20 places par expérience
Prix normal: 23 €
Enfants: 11 €

Au programme

Father's Day Buffet Lunch
At Metsäkartano Restaurant
at 11.30 and at 13.30

Qui est Nuorisokeskus Metsäkartano - le/la Doer

At Metsäkartano Youth Centre and wilderness resort we want to bring unspoilt nature closer to an ordinary person in a safe way. In pure wilderness surroundings you can experience the soothing power of nature and have a break from hectic life and work rhytm.
Come and join an adventure in the deep shades of the forest in Metsäkartano, where the air is as clean as it can get and where you really can hear the sound of silence.

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