Ancient Roman catacombs and gastronomy

Experience 1st century Rome with a local!

Disponible en anglais, français, espagnol et Italian
4 heures
10 places par expérience

Au programme

In this experience, we wish to take you on a journey back to ancient Rome! Meeting at the top of Gianicolo Hill, we will begin our experience with a typical Italian breakfast of a cappuccino and croissant, allowing us time to greet each other and give you an introduction to the history of the area. A short walk will take us to lesser known catacombs which can only be accessed through the San Pancrazio basilica. These are very special because they are one of the few catacombs that were not lost over the centuries. We will illuminate the stories of the martyrs who were buried there and the customs of the first Christians. Following this, we will invite you into our home for a truly authentic Roman 'Prandium'. Dressed in tradtional Roman robes, we will recreate a typical lunch from 2000 years ago. Made from the ancient Roman recipes of Apicius, you will have the chance to taste history with spiced wine, dried pork, handmade bread, cheeses, lentils, soups, and more! A truly unique way to experience the history of Rome, we hope you will leave with new friends and a full belly!

Qui est Debora - le/la Doer

We are mother and daughter, Debora and Fiamma, and we would love to share our Roman culture and tradtions with you! Fiamma is a sommelier and Debora is a warm & welcoming enthusiastic host and volunteer guide with a passion for Roman history and cuisine. We sincerely love welcoming people from all over the world and teaching about the customs of this beautiful city we call home. On this experience we will also be joined by local history experts that will guide us back in time for a truly authentic ancient Roman experience!