Forest camp with guide remotely

Camp and participate in activities unhindered in forest spa!

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Now is the best time to go out in nature to spend quality time - solo or together!

Whether you are a wilderness hiker, a dizzying adventurer, a casual taker on the beach, a meditator in the forest or all this - every family member has their own way to enjoy being together or on one's own in Finland's summer nature!

Feel free to choose a destination or go to explore the hiking trails in the Kuolimo area around Savitaipale and Mikkeli's Suomenniemi area, such as the "Ice Age Trails - Stone Age Man" tour, and stay in a Stone Age residence such as Rovastinoja's peat-roofed hut or almost barrier-free beach - recreation area Lepänkanto.

Set up a Young Living Spa in the middle of the woods and pamper yourself with a relaxing pedicure or face mask at the end of a hiking day. Take a dip in the lake or pool to cool off, bask in the sun on a sun lounger or on the reed mat under the beach umbrella.

The service includes remote guidance, 24/7 telephone support, camping equipment, full board, a customized itinerary and program, activities of your choice, luxurious Young Living Essential Oils products and all the amenities you need!

Choose a verified excursion destination or a new destination that I will go to test myself before your excursion to make things go as expected. I specialize in barrier-free excursions and special needs.

Don’t carry stuff in your back - they’re waiting for you at the destination and passing between the destinations effortlessly. It is also possible to prepare an excursion destination for you and your group or organize a party!

Now you don't have to settle for just dry food even in the summer heat! On longer hikes, snack transports will always follow you as agreed and even when a surprising need for replenishment is required. Enjoy ready-made fresh sandwiches and salads while the pancakes are still roast by the campfire! Also, the water won't run out when you can order more it quickly!

Hiking has never been so easy! You don’t need experience and you can’t get lost when you share your real-time location. I'll call you if you're going in the wrong direction - deviating from the plan.

Call anytime and ask for the nearest barrier-free toilet, a child-friendly beach, an open ice cream kiosk, an alternative route, or whatever comes to mind! If I don’t know the answer I’m looking for it for you - it saves your phone battery and time doesn’t go to with phone but you can enjoy nature and each others without interruption!

Safe and hassle-free camping for families with young children, beginners, seniors, the disabled - For everyone!

Contact us and tell us your wishes - we will make you a memorable trip and a forest spa moment!

Lilja Ritvos

The service is provided by:
Excursion and multi-service Finnish Organizer / Business name Ritvos Lilja Karoliina

Call and book now!
tel. +358443572777
or contact us by email at

Qui est Lilja - le/la Doer

I've always loved nature, traveling and hiking, all kinds of do, helping others, and creating a new one. I am adventurous and daring nature's and animals lover and protector. I live in the moment. I travel a lot and I have experienced so many trips that did not go quite the way I had intended, still I am always survived and enjoyed because of my creativity and good attitude!

Inspired by my own experience, I got the idea to set up a new type of camping and tourism service that focuses on careful planning and organization of independent trips, as well as a 24/7 phone service designed to make tourism and camping safer and hassle-free for everyone, especially tourists with special needs and beginners. Not everyone can know and be able to consider everything, and that is why I want to offer help as an experienced traveler.

I myself am handicap and long-term multi-sick, I have a lot of different special needs, for example about accessibility, allergies, special diets and ethical beliefs related. I am also vegan and I follow a strict diet therapy so the restaurants are almost never found me a suitable food. I suffer from noise, glare, heat and cold and I'm pain-sensitive and fragile. I am not the most typical wilderness-woman by my appearance, but I have invented ways of enjoy forest camping and hiking without insulting myself and be still fine lady!

I know that camping and tourism - and just about anything in life - doesn't have to be complicated, heavy, difficult or expensive except to use creativity and be open to alternatives!

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

You need call or send email with me and tell your needs and hopes and we plannig your trip and program and agreed how everything hapend.

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