Forest Bathing - healthy break in refreshing forest

Enjoy the health and well-being effects of the forest

Sodankylä, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
1 heure
15 places par expérience

Au programme

We will slowly walk to the forest's lap, getting the forest to prepare us for calming down and for enjoying nature's health and wellbeing effects. First I'll tell you how and why nature has an impact on our health and wellbeing, and tell you about some scientific studies on forests. After that we will do simple and easy exercises for strengthening our connection to nature and improving our ability to enjoy the health benefits forests provide us. We will use breathing techniques, mindfulness and all of our senses. Together, the Finnish forest and the exercises help us calm down, and stop and enjoy this refreshing moment. We move only a little in the forest, no more than 500 meters, but we do sit and lie down on the forest floor. Finally, in the end we'll enjoy a natural, homemade beverage. Forest baths can greatly improve your heart rate, heart rate variability and blood pressure, which all indicate your stress level. You can measure that effect before and after Forest Bathing, if you want to.

Qui est Hanna-Leena - le/la Doer

I grew up, and have always lived surrounded by nature. As a child, I used to often fall asleep in a flower field, and I had secrect hiding place behind a large rock in a forest that always reminded me of fairytales. Since childhood, I've picked and learned to use herbs, berries and mushrooms, and nowadays my hobbies also include hiking, hunting, caneoning, cross-contry skiing and ice swimming. But best of all is just staying in a forest and enjoying the experience. Nature is the source of my vitality and creativity. It gives me peace of mind, refreshes and revitalizes me. Nowadays I know more of nature's benetits to my health, and that's why I spend time in forests daily, just to stop and marvel at the wonders of nature. I have been practising Japanish style forest therapy, called Shinrin Yoku and mindfulness-skills for about three years. Now I'm finished my studies as a professional forest bathing instructor, one the first in Finland.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Warm clothes, in which you can lean on tree trunks, sit and even lie down on the forest floor.

Les avis

I stayed at Hanna-Leena's home (Airbnb) during my stay in Sondankylä.
She kindly offered to take me to Paavonpolku and make me discover Forset Bathing. It was a very good experience, I really enjoyed this moment of connivance with nature, despite mosquitoes.
It's a different way of discovering and making contact with the nature around us. Hanna-Leena is very good at introducing you to the Forest Bathing.
Rentouttavaa metsän aistimista ja hiljentymistä Hanna-Leenan rauhallisen äänen ja positiivisen persoonan opastamana.