A Day in a Rural School in Estonia

each the students or teachers of Kurtna School!

Disponible en anglais et estonien
3 heures
20 places par expérience

Au programme

If you want to give something to education or if you think that education has something to give to you, come to Kurtna School – take, and give in return!

Come and try what it is like to be a teacher, how Estonian school food tastes, how strict the principal is, and what the young people who study in Kurtna are like. If you already know what it is like to be a teacher, come and talk about your experiences to the teachers of Kurtna School. We are happy to show you the school both in the building and outside of it, discuss about education in Estonia, organize a workshop, sports event or a game. And there will always be the lunch.

Qui est Anna - le/la Doer

Kurtna School is a friendly rural school that is full of happy people who value studying. Our school is unique mostly because of our students and teachers, but also because we have a bee hive, weather station, advanced technological tools, traditional and not-so-traditional events, mobile-free school building, outside breaks, outside classes, athletic mindset, and much else.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Please let us know about your interest and plans beforehand, that ensures that we can put together a suitable programme so that everyone could give something and have something to learn and take with them. Kurtna School is located 25 kilometers from Tallinn.