Digital detox

Learning smarter ways to use mobile technology. De-stress.

Tampere, Finlande
Disponible en finnois, anglais, suédois, allemand et russe
2 heures
20 places par expérience
Prix normal: 80 €
Enfants: 40 €

Au programme

Companies lose daily a lot of money, because their employees are so distracted. Many are missing basic skills how to adjust their IT gear to be more ergonomic and less distracting. We learn together these technical and behavioral skills.

Another group is students and individuals who have difficulties to concentrate or wish to have a more relaxed lifestyle and learn new IT skills.

I have been doing these seminars and workshops since 2008. Happy to create a nice atmosphere and experience (again).

Activity is on-line. Alternatively, on-site in Tampere (World Sauna Capital) & institutes/course centres close by. Possibility to combine with hiking, skiing and (mountain) biking trips with these detox activities (even to Lapland).

Qui est Mikko - le/la Doer

- I was a nerd and a tech guy having all latest gadgets. However it started to bother me (around 2008) why there are so many interruptions and distractions. I also noticed negative effects on my health. Therefore I started re-organising my daily activities and also started training companies & individuals about time management and risk management.

- I have arranged video conferences since 1995, so webinars are like an extension to this practice and I enjoy chatting & coaching people on-line.

- My special area has been also EMF-research and as a researcher with PhD (in computer science) I am constantly curious about technology and its health effects. (I am still studying Public Health in a Master program)

- I like being outdoors and therefore I am more than willing to combine sports with on-site training.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

- Readiness to change habits and addictive behaviour.

- Ability to be off-line (at least some hours)

- If we combine sports, then some basic condition

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