Smoke Sauna - Have a Sauna like prehistoric Finns

Take your family or group to Sauna with us, the old way.

Tampere, Finlande
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4 heures
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With us you will experience the true Finnish tradition - the smoke Sauna.

First of all, there is no smoke in the Sauna while having the Sauna. The name smoke Sauna comes from the method of heating. So no health risk at all. In fact sauna is proven to be good for your health.

This experience will take the whole day (evening) so we recommend that you book one of our cottages for overnight stay, so you can relax after the Sauna.

Smoke Sauna is the prehistoric way of Finns to have a Sauna. As you may know there is more Saunas in Finland than cars. This truly is the most Finnish thing to do.

With us at the Niemi-Kapee Farm you can take your family or group in to a journey to Finnish soul landscape. Sauna is said to cleanse your body and soul, but smoke Sauna is also an exploration to the history of our people.

Our traditionally build log smoke Sauna can host up to a 20 people at a time, but is also comfortable and cozy for smaller groups. We will tell and show you how to enjoy your experience the most, so that you can find out yourself why Finns love their saunas.

Niemi-Kapee farm is situated next to Lake Näsijärvi. Small and idyllic village Kapee offers beautiful rural landscape for our Farm.

At your wish we can cater you or you can bring your own cooking and drinks.

Qui est Juhamatti - le/la Doer

At Niemi-Kapee farm we cherish some of the most traditional institutes of Finnish people: The Saunas and the Cottages. We feel that by sharing them we can contribute to the world.

Kapee village was founded at the 16th century in the middle of vast wilderness of now known Pirkanmaa area and today it has layers of agricultural history to tell.
our grandfather Viljo build Niemi-Kapee farm after he returned from the war and Niemi-Kapee farm has since rented summer cottages for travellers all around the world.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

We recommend you book a cottage from us to relax after your Smoke sauna experience.

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