Night sky photography and if lucky to also catch the Aurora.

A dark sky location away from Tampere to image the night sky

Tampere, Finlande
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Au programme

We will leave Tampere and head to a location North of the City lights to have a clear view to the North. The dates are timed for this event to try to be able to catch Aurora at the same time. (Aurora is not guaranteed this far South but I hope to increase our chances of seeing it)

We will focus on the basics of using a camera at night to image the the night sky.
How to set the camera up for manual use
How to focus the camera
How adjust the settings for optimal use
Talking about what we can do with the images
Talking about safety of choosing locations for night time photography
Talking about types of equipment and software

And just enjoying being away from the City lights and seeing the night sky in quite a dark setting.
There is still some small lights here and there but mostly very dark

It is recommended that you have a camera that can change settings manually. Even some phones with manual settings can be used and a tripod of some sorts. A shutter trigger can help but is not important.

Qui est Seventen Tours - le/la Doer

I have lived in Tampere for 15 years and have been a tour guide in various parts of Finland.
Ranging from Aurora chasing, snowmobile safaris, bike riding, hiking, snowshoe walking and photography tours.
I have a great passion for photography, aurora, and the outdoors.
I am currently studying as a nature guide and am planning my business start up for the Summer of 2022.
I have ended my studies and slowly getting my business started and working as a freelance guide.
I hold the correct safety cards for this for example.
Hygiene pass
Tourism safety
First Aid EA1 and EA2
Driving licence

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

A camera with manual settings. (not essential as I can show everything from my camera)
A tripod
Warm Clothing
Comfortable warm footwear as we are standing for about 3 hours

I will bring along warm juice to drink but bring along your own drinks and snacks if needed.

Les avis



I was looking for a birthday present for my son while he was visiting Finland. I contacted Patrick and he was wonderful. He picked up from his door and returned him to the same address. It was a private Snowshoe tour, made extra special by Patrick's friendly and informative character. Feeling jealous, my son had a great time and if I ever get out to Finland, I will be sure to arrange a walking tour for myself, with Patrick of course :)


Highly recommended tour! Patrick is excellent guide with lot of knowledge and patience

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