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Au programme

I will come to your place, or to some other suitable place where there is visibility so that it is possible to see the sun.
I will bring the necessary equipment for watching the sun.
We see (hopefully, because the surface of the sun is constantly changing) sunspots and protuberances on the edge of the sun.
You will also find out what kind of star the sun is.

Qui est Tapio - le/la Doer

I am a long-time star enthusiast - even as a small boy I was interested in the starry sky.
I remember the first time when I was a kid on the snowpack
I saw the rings of Saturn.
Now as an adult, my enthusiasm flared up again at the beginning of the millennium
and I specialize in deep sky imaging.
The national star association Ursa awarded me
Stella Arcti Award for meritorious observational activity 10 years ago.
In addition, the star image I took was NASA's APOD
(Astronomy Picture of the Day) site.
Only less than 10 Finnish enthusiasts have received this honor.

I have been observing and photographing the sun for over 20 years.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Come with an open mind and curiosity.

Note! Watching the sun is a weather-dependent event, so be prepared that the event is confirmed only a day before the event.
The best time to watch the sun is in the morning.

In Tampere city area.
Travel expenses will be added.

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