The Many Steams of Tampere

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Tampere, Finlande
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Tampere region has an exceptional sauna culture with over 30 public saunas heating up everyday. The range varies from traditional smoke saunas to modern bathing centres. Tampere radiates authenticity and warmth through its saunas.

The Saunakonkeli steam tour takes you directly into the heart of Tampere’s public saunas. Imagine standing at the gates of a sauna paradise. At your reach are the empowering atmosphere of lively public saunas and hot steam that will unwind you from everyday life.

Your guides Matti and Juha are well-known finnish sauna experts and Tampere locals with the right insight for your public steam tour.

Whether it is a sauna by a lake, the oldest public sauna in Finland, a smoke sauna or a close-knit ice-swimmer community sauna, we will live together through the etiquette and history of the steam palace. We can visit as many saunas as you wish and help you find the sweet spot from the steam rooms according to your löyly wishes. Learn the hidden knowledge about the saunas in the sauna capital.

Qui est Saunakonkeli - le/la Doer

We are Matti and Juha and we want to pass on the power of sauna. We have been looking for the deepest löyly experience around Finland. We travelled hundreds of kilometers with our bicycles and encountered old smoke saunas, sauna healers and sauna spirits. We felt the call of sauna. We learned ancient ceremonies and reconnected with the natural elements in sauna. Through sauna one can experience the beauty of nature and the peace within ourselves.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Seasonal clothing. Swimming suit and a towel. Optionally they can be rented.

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