Vocal Sauna

Enjoy tunes of the Finnish vocal tradition in the warm embra

Tampere, Finlande
Disponible en finnois et anglais
2 heures
8 places par expérience

Au programme

Get closer to your roots in the vocal sauna. Let yourself be carried away by the ancient tunes in the dusky sauna. Immerse yourself in traditional Finnish rune singing and relax.

In the wood heated warm löyly (steam) of the sauna, time stands still, silence empowers you and you are reconnected with your inner peace.

In the sauna you can leave your daily routines behind you. Feel free to use your own voice and some easily played instruments to join the enchanting rhythm of the ancient songs. After this experience you will always greet a sauna with respect and enjoy a soft, fragrant löyly.

As a souvenir, you will carry with you several old tunes to which you can sing any poems that follow the trochee metre of the traditional Kalevala poems.

You will also learn to whisk yourself with a sauna whisk specially made for you of the twigs of many different trees. You can take the whisk with you as a memory of the sauna bathing.

This sauna treatment suits all regardless of age, sex or singing and playing skills.

Qui est Saunahoitola Tasapaino - le/la Doer

I am an entrepreneur of Finnish traditional treatments. I have been working in saunas for 16 years. I finally get to work in the sauna in Tampere.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Limitations and other issues to take into account.
Five participants minimum, 8 at the most.

The vocal sauna bathing is suitable to everyone capable of walking and moving independently, and to people without major disabilities.

There are no electric lights in the sauna and no mobiles or other electronic devices are allowed there.

Required equipment
Personal bathing shoes and swimsuit, if needed. All other accessories are provided.

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