Saint Thomas ushers in Christmas

Welcome Christmas traditional Finnish way at Hangasjärvi

Tikkala, Finlande
Disponible en finnois, finnois, anglais, anglais, suédois, suédois, allemand, allemand, français et français
4 heures
20 places par expérience
20€ / personne
10€ / enfants
10€ / étudiants

Au programme

Welcome Christmas at Saint Thomas's day 21.12.2019 at Hangasjärvi
wilderness cabin and of course - in the sauna by the lake.

The event last from 13 to 17 o´clock. Sauna is heated for women at 13 - 15 and for men at 15 - 17 o'clock.

Enjoy traditional Christmas rice porridge and mulled wine with gingerbread and pastry front of the fireplace. You can make your own traditional - or maybe next centuries? - Christmas tree decoration of recycled materials, and decorate the tree with them. The event is open for everyone, so you will meet the real locals as well as maybe some foreign people.

There is - if the weather permits - a sledding hill and a tryout for snowshoes. We reserve the right of cancellation due weather conditions.

Your hostess will be Reena and your host Tapani, who live in the Tikkala village, where we are in. The languages available are Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French and a little bit of Spanish.

The rice porridge and the mulled wine (alcohol free) and sauna are included in the price, there is also a cafe you can bye traditional christmas pastry.

Qui est Reena - le/la Doer

Our association Pohjoisen Korpilahden yhteistyöyhdistys ry maintains the cabin, and we locals enjoy it so much we would like to share it with you, too, and show what we have to offer: a break from the hectic city life and a feeling of tranquility in a modest yet well equipped atmospheric cabin, only 25 km away from the city centre.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

This public event does not require any special skills and is open for everyone. The cabin caters for disabled, too, but the lake sauna does not. Please dress warmly/according to the weather. A pair of good solid shoes are always good to have in Finland.

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