Apprenez à filer vous meme vos fils à tricoter

Creez votre chef-d'oeuvre avec les laines locaux

Disponible en finnois, anglais et français
1.5 heures
2 places par expérience
août - juin
30€ / personne
20€ / étudiants

Au programme

Have you inherited a spinning wheel but have no idea how to use it? Do you need a new meditative hobby? Or are you interested in spinning fibers from animals you know?

On this course you will learn the basics of spinning. We'll use bought tops and batts, unless you would like to learn carding and combing first. You'll learn why some fibers turn into yarn almost by themselves. You will also learn what you have to do to your yarn after it has been spun.
If needed, we can start our fiber journey with local handmade spindles, but otherwise we will be using a double drive spinning wheel. You may also bring your own wheel, if you'd like to learn how to tame its antics.

I have a dog, Bobo, living in my apartment. If you are allergic to dogs, we can schedule a meeting in a café or at your place.

Qui est Iina - le/la Doer

I love knitting and spinning, and that's why I talked my boyfriend into buying 4 sheep last spring.

Our sheep are the most cuddly sheep we've ever met, and spending time with them relaxes us. Nöpö, Nuuhku, Päkä and Hapsu could ask for more scratches for hours. During summer holidays we even had sheep yoga classes!

I learned to spin about a year ago, starting with local alpaca owner's alpacas' fibers. After that I've spun about 10 000 m of my own sheep's wool, Samoyed dog undercoat and about 10 different sheep breeds' wool. I haven't yet forgot how frustrating it was to figure out using a wheel, or trying to understand why the spindle keeps dropping. That's why I created this course - to save some frustration from others and welcome them to the world of spinning!

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

Interest in fibers, and some patience during learning curve.

Les avis

Lammasaitauksessa on taianomainen tunnelma! Lampaita ei tarvitse maanitella luokseen, ne tulevat omaa uteliaisuuttaan tutkimaan ja jäävät muina miehinä vierelle istumaan rapsutusten toivossa. Hetkessä oleminen ei ole koskaan ollut joogatessa näin helppoa.
Good yoga, soft sheep!