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vendredi, juillet 05 2019 16:00 · 119€

Ålands Tour, 6 days

Fri 5.7. - Wed 10.7.

Åland Islands (Mariehamn/ Fjärsundet) - Åland Islands (Mariehamn /Fjärsundet)

This trip starts from Ålands and cruise there completely, returning to Mariehamn / Fjärsundet harbor at Ålands main island.

First day of trip is your arrival date and last reserved for your travel to home by the ferry (takes 6-8 hrs), so there will be 4 full days of cruising. During this trip, we will exercise and do lots of sports (you're free to attend) and participate to the Clean The Beach! sailing mission at least at one island we visit (we collect and count rubbish). Attendance to this cleaning mission (2 hrs of work) is part of the price of the trip and essential for the mission success.

The prize of the journey is 299e/single person and 499e/couple (sleep in same bed).

The ticket prize "119e" is for placement reservation. Rest of the prize (180e/380e) will be paid on boat before leave by cash / Paypal / bank transfer.

High quality vegetarian food provided, but be sure to ensure your own and common snacks and drinks (see our note on the guidelines - no meat or large amounts of alcohol on board please!)

Check our "terms of service" before booking:
and sign in your (and your friend's) details after.

Welcome, unique Ålands Islands waiting - there's lots of interesting places to sail!