The Traditional Healing Sauna of Finland

Come and experience the traditional Finnish sauna.

Disponible en finnois et anglais
1.5 heures
20 places par expérience
59€ / personne
49€ / étudiants

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If you haven't been to sauna you really haven't been in Finland. Sauna and forest are in then essence of Finnish culture and lifestyle. There are no words to describe the traditional Finnish Sauna, you just have to experience the healing power of Sauna.

For thousands of years Sauna has been the source of wholesome well being of the Finns. Sauna has been a place for healing, celebration, spending time together as well as a safe place to have deep conversations. The Traditional Healing Sauna takes you on a journey to experience the essence of sauna culture of the North and brings back to life the Soul of traditional Sauna.

Your traditional Sauna ritual start with a brief intro about the Finnish sauna etiquette. Before you will enter the sauna you will hear about the history of sauna in Finland as well as folklore related to sauna. You will be guided through the practical aspect of safe sauna bathing. In the sauna the folk rune sang by your saunahostess will smoothly guide you to the core of Sauna and you will get a smooth, soft herbal body scrub and you will get to experience traditional whisking as well as familiarize yourself with the the healing herbs of the season.

You will be provided the soft drink and water along the sauna experience. This event is suitable for the whole family.

The location is up to you. You can rent a sauna or ask for recommendations. You can check out the possibilities of using the sauna in your accomodation facilites.

Ce dont vous aurez besoin

No special requirements. Please inform your saunahostess about special health conditions or long term illnesses.