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Do you enjoy adventure and independent and affordable travel at your destination? These routes are planned for you- we want you to travel like a local when you’re in Turku! Buy your travel ticket on board the Föli buses and water buses, from the Föli service points or through the Föli mobile application. More information on Föli:

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Children`s flea markets shopping tour

Tosi mukava, rento ja rempseä meininki:) Reissu oli hyvin organisoitu ja ryhmän vetäjä oli ystävällinen ja todellinen aiheen asiantuntija. Lämpimät suosittelut!

Suklaatasting / Chocolate Tasting

Kiva ohjelmanumero. Mukavat vetäjät ja laadukkaat sekä herkulliset suklaat.

BBQ and Sauna Night in a traditional Finnish cottage by the sea

I experienced the BBQ and Sauna Night traditional Finnish cottage by the sea and it was simply amazing! We started out by doing a BBQ -with lots of beer ;) and enjoying the view of the sea from the cottage. After the BBQ and chillaxing, it’s time for a nice sauna- so it’s Finnish tradition to do a sauna and then jump into the sea and repeat it again. Definitely something different from what I’ve experienced before. Not only we get to enjoy an awesome BBQ meal, the sauna helps blood circulation and jumping into the sea almost immediately helps remove dead skin. Not only a relaxing experience, but a healthy one too. -mariane, Malaysia
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