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Red cottage in the archipelago - visit local home

I visit Pia with my father as part of the father-and-son trip in Finland. It was a wonderful afternoon, we enjoyed the forest, the view, the sauna, the food, and everything! And Pia also offered us the ride from and back to Turku. Thank you Pia! It was a nice trip, and a pleasure of meeting you! :)

Mushroom picking

It was an experience I could not do in my country and I really enjoyed picking mushrooms. Johanna and her husband are amazing ;) They have plenty of knowledge about mushrooms and I learned a lot from them. I would highly recommend to everyone! Kiitos :)

Meet Santa Claus

Santa visited us in a shopping centre's family event and truly brought joy for all the visitors! He's great with kids as well as adults, talkative and joyful personality. Totally authentic and with no hesitation I will ask for him again once I feel a need to meet the Santa!
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